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Currently, illegal transmission is classified as a misdemeanor. Spending Bill
appears to have been approved by Congress, but it is unclear if the law to protect legal broadcast media is officially included in the bill.
Washington – The punishment for illegal streaming of multimedia content could soon be more severe, because a new bill currently in Congress will increase the penalty for streaming pirated content from a misdemeanor to a felony.
The Legal Legal Transmission Media Protection Act of 2020, proposed by Senator Thom Tillis (RN.C.) and endorsed by both parties, declared that any person « who intentionally provides public digital transmission services for commercial purposes or economic « is subject to Works protected by copyright will commit a serious crime. The bill is currently attached to the comprehensive spending bill under consideration by Congress.
According to a blog post by the Free State Foundation Seth Cooper, under current law, online content piracy is only classified as a misdemeanor, while other forms of piracy, such as downloading content, are considered serious crimes. Cooper said that streaming media is becoming the most popular way for consumers to watch content, and it is also becoming the main form of online piracy through « streaming media » websites and applications and illegal services. Internet Protocol TV.
PLUS: According to Hub survey
, citing a report from the Digital Citizenship Alliance in August 2020,
PLUS: Nearly 40% of consumers have committed video piracy. Cooper said that subscription revenue in the United States is approximately US$1 billion. These revenues come from illegal IPTV services, which have approximately 9 million subscribers.
Cooper added that the COVID19 pandemic may have increased the prevalence of illegal streaming media piracy. Cooper writes that the tracking company Muso found that in the last week of March 2020, compared with the previous month, American visits to movie piracy sites increased by 43%.
« According to the current law, criminals operating illegal IPTV streaming services can only be charged with misdemeanors, not felonies, » Cooper said. « As a result, the operators of these illegal streaming services face less severe penalties for downloading copyrighted movies and music than those of online piracy sites. Obviously, there is no legal reason for this difference. »
Read Cooper in Full blog on the Free State Foundation website.

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