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As screen mirroring and projection are more popular than ever, you can cast from your phone or even send photos to your family, we have compiled a guide on how to cast from your phone to Firestick.
Like many other devices, the problem with amazon firestick is that it will not sync with all your devices by default, such as Windows, Chrome, IOS, etc., so if you follow the steps below, your firestick will be fully equipped with The ability to broadcast from a mobile phone or mirror the screen to your fire bar.
Make sure your Firestick is on the same wifi network as your phone
The first thing to check is that your phone (be it iPhone, Android or any other brand) is connected to your home wifi, then you need to Make sure that your Firestick is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. See below to learn how to do this.
1. Go to the settings gear icon at the far right of the screen
2. Now go down and select Network
3. Now verify that you are using the same Wifi network as Android or iPhone
4. Okay, once you are done make sure you are using home wifi Network and it is on the same network as your phone, please follow the method below to project and mirror your phone screen to Firestick.
How to configure screen mirroring on Firestick
1. On the remote control, press and hold the home button until you see the icon bar, then select Settings
2. Go to Display and Sound and select the
icon 3. Click Enable Screen Mirroring
4 Now you will see the status of Huoyin Screen Mirroring Screen, you must leave the fire stick like this, do not press any buttons on the fire stick remote.
How to mirror your Android phone to Firestick
Okay, once you have completed the above steps, it’s time to share the stream or any way you want on your Android phone, so please pick up your Android smartphone And follow the steps below.
1. Swipe down the status bar from the top of the Android phone and find the icon named Cast
. Please note: If you don’t see this icon on your Android phone, please go to settings and look for wireless and Bluetooth connections. You should be there Find Cast. Sometimes it can also be called broadcast, such as wireless projection.
2. You should now receive a message on your phone that only explains the relevant information transmitted. Choose Accept or Accept to ignore this notification. You can also say it will turn on WiFi or Bluetooth, just click Yes.
3. Let it search for firestick, it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to find, once the search is complete, you will see your firestick name on your Android phone , so select it.
4. Wait about 1 minute for the phone to connect. Once the connection is complete, you will see the Android phone mirroring on the TV screen, so you can now select and use the apps on the phone while watching, streaming, and Streaming on the TV. Screen mirroring is something cooler.
If your family or friends do not have IPTV but have firefighting skills, we have found one of the good ways to use screen mirroring. You can use our own Android Strong IPTV app to use screen mirroring to broadcast IPTV, you can follow here Follow our guide to learn how to set up an Android application with your Android smartphone.
How to cast iPhone to Firestick
This will use a different method to mirror Android because it runs locally. However, using the free apps in the Amazon App Store to operate on the iPhone is very simple.
1. Press the home button on your Amazon Firestick and go to search, then search and press OK
2. Now enter the word « Airscreen » and once you see the word, click on it
3. Click on the first icon called Airscreen
4. Click on Get to download the Airscreen application and choose to open
. Now we will show you how to do it next Set the air screen so your iPhone and its apps work properly.
How to set up Airscreen
on Firestick 1. You will see a welcome screen, if you want to see the tutorial, you can choose « How to use », but we recommend that you click « Start Now »
2. Go to settings, then press the settings gear icon on the right and press OK
3. After entering the settings, make sure to check « Airplay: Allow other devices to connect » line
4. Now press the return key on the remote control to go back to the 2 screens and rotate Go to « Home », and then press « OK » and « OK » again on the « Home » icon. You will not see the « Waiting to connect » status screen.
How to set up Firestick
mirroring on your iPhone 1. On your iPhone, scroll down the top bar and select « Screen Mirroring »
2. Now wait to find the fire stick, once you find the fire stick, click on it
. Now that’s it, you have successfully mirrored your iPhone to your fire stick. Stream any content and mirror your app or play music, video or photos on Firestick.
FAQ: Project from Firestick to mobile phone
Why doesn’t my fireTV have screen mirroring?
First, you need to make sure that your firestick is connected to the same wifi network as the phone or device you choose to mirror the screen from
. How can I project my iPhone to my firestick?
This has been introduced in our guide, but you only need to use the aerial screen and select the screen

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