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At Strong IPTV Lab, we are often asked how to side-load apps on firestick, so we think we will develop a guide for this, but this is the best and easiest way to side-load apps in the method of firestick.
Now when we refer to the side discharge, it is just the name of the application placed on the device. These apps are third-party apps that cannot be downloaded from the Amazon app store.
Why side loading the application on my Firestick
Android application side loading is one of the best things Firestick has, because it is essentially a Firestick jailbreak, which is completely secure and only allows you to fully install it freely Any Android app you want, so it can look more like an Android smartphone or tablet.
amazon firestick comes with some great local apps that you can install directly from the app store, but these are generally basic types of apps like Youtube, Spotify, Hulu, and similar apps.
Also, there are about 11,639 applications (source code) in firestick, but when you sideload the application, you can access the entire Android market, of which there are 3.04 million applications (source code), so you can see Install
Android apps and games when you choose to download apps. But keep in mind that not all of these new apps that you can access will be fully compatible with your Firestick, because some apps are only available for smartphones. As not all Android or Android games The application is not compatible with all Android tablets.
Allow apps to be downloaded from unknown sources on Firestick
First, we have to open a setting in Firestick. When you get to that point in the guide, it will allow you to install side-download apps, so do the following first.
Press and hold the home button and go to settings
Scroll down to My Fire TV
Select developer option
Change the unknown source app to active
Accept any warning messages about installing third-party apps
Now is open.With this setup, we can start the installation and easily download the app on your Firestick.
How to Download Apps on Fire TV
This guide not only covers Amazon Firestick, but if you have Amazon Fire Cube or Fire TV, you can also follow the instructions below.
The first method is currently the simplest method, so you can install any application or game you want directly from a new application store similar to the Google Play store.
We will also introduce the second method, you can load any Android application or game from your Android smartphone or laptop and install it on your FireTV or firestick device.
Method 1-Use Aptoide App Store
This application called Aptoide is one of the most suitable applications for Firestick or Fire TV, because it allows you to download any game or application like from the Google Play store, and all the content is free and this is an advantage.
Download the Downloader application
First you need to make sure you have an application called Downloader in order to easily download the Aptoide application. So, if you haven’t installed the Downloader app, please follow the steps below.
Press the home button on the Firestick remote control
Search and then search down
Now enter the word
downloader Click on downloader and then click the orange
downloader symbol Now press Get, it will download and install
Finally, Click to Open
Ok, now you have time to install Aptoide, which allows you to easily load custom Android applications on your firestick or Fire TV.
After opening the downloader, select Allow
, then enter the URL in the address bar and click Go
3. After the download is complete, click Install and install again, and when finished, click to open
4. Now press the back button on the Firestick remote control to exit the
welcome screen 5. Now you can use the search icon of any application or game you want or also You can view the main applications and games by clicking the top column
Method 2: Using the wireless file manager: Send files to the TV application
The second method is a bit more advanced than the first method, but this method allows you Download and upload any content on Firestick, not only apps and games, but also music, photos, movies, etc.
You can use the wireless file manager app with your Android smartphone or tablet-to send files to the TV, you can find
in the Google Play store but we will use a laptop/PC in this guide to show you how to download App or anything you want your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV.
Press the start button on the firestick remote control, then go to search and search down
Now type wireless file manager and click the name
Click OK on the wireless manager icon
Now click GET to download and install
Last order Click Open to open the Wireless File Manager
. Okay, so far, if you are following this method, we will show you how to use the application to send and download applications and files from your laptop/PC to the Firestick.
How to use wireless file manager on Firestick
After opening the app, it will ask you to grant storage permission, just click « OK » and allow.
You will now see two buttons, one is « Start Wireless File Manager » and the other is « Open File Explorer », so now click « Start Wireless File Manager » to start it.
Now you will see an IP address, you can enter your PC in the address bar of your laptop or PC

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