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In this article, you will learn how to download OS Player on your Firestick or Android box. SO Player is an IPTV application, you can subscribe through an IPTV provider and watch your favorite IPTV channels through it.
The OS player is compatible with the
device You will find that you can put the OS player on any of the following devices
This guide will introduce you how to install the OS player on Firestick or box of Android, so let’s get started.
How to download SO player on Amazon Firestick
Since it is an IPTV application, Amazon mainly removes the IPTV application from its app store, so you need to download the SO player application on your Firestick. This is easy to do.
First you need to make sure Allow Unknown Apps is enabled in Firestick settings, so follow the quick steps below.
Turn on ADB debugging and allow Firestick Unknown Sources
Go to settings and select my FireTV device (version above), which will be known as device)
Select developer option
Make sure ADB debugging is enabled and make sure applications from unknown sources are switched to ON
After the above operations are completed, it is time to install SO Player.
How to install OS Player using the downloader application
Now you may have used the downloader application on Firestick and you know how it works, so if it is, then skip to the next part, but if you have never used it It, we will explain you to do it quickly. Use the download application.
To get the downloader application, you need to go to the home screen of Amazon firestick, then go to the search icon on the firestick and search for the downloader.
Then click on the downloader name and you will be taken to your application screen, just click download and it will now download and install.
After installing Downloader, click Open, and you will now enter the download application.
Now it says to enter the URL of the website you want to load, click OK in the box and enter this URL below.
Once you have entered the exact same content you can press Go and you will see the following screen.
Now you need to use the firestick remote to click down, the remote will put a mouse pointer on the screen and then click the green button showing the APK download.
After installing the application, it is time to configure the OS player to make sure you have the best configuration for the application.
Also, it is better to put the files in the downloader in the downloader and remove the apps you now have installed, so that due to insufficient disk space provided by Amazon firestick, you can keep the firestick empty as needed.
How to configure the OS player
Now that you have installed the application, click to open it from the main Firestick screen or from your application and settings.
You’ll see a screen that gives you the MAC number and serial number at the top, but for now you just want to be interested in the option that shows the Pin code on the left.
Enter option to show PIN code You must enter the IPTV provider’s PIN code, or you can ask them for the PIN code you need.
So now you need to enter the Provider ID that your IPTV provider gave you. If you haven’t received it, please request it.
After entering the provider ID and PIN, you will now be able to view all provider-owned IPTV channels and all on-demand content such as movies and TV shows.
The last thing you need to do now is click on the EPG as a TV guide to view the content of each IPTV broadcast.
How to download OS player on Android Box
If you have an Android Box or any Android-based device, it is much easier to download and install OS Player.
First, you need to go to the Internet browser that is already installed on your Android device, which is usually Firefox or any other Internet browser that you have.
Now enter this url in the browser then it will ask you to download the app.
After the application is completed, enter the browser tool or settings, you will see the download, enter the download and then you will see the APK file called SO player, so click on Click on it and choose Install.
After the application is installed, you can now click to open it or find it in « My Applications » in the Android box.
Then click on the PIN code and enter the PIN code, and then enter the provider ID that your IPTV provider sent you. If you don’t have one, ask them.
So Player is a great IPTV application for Android or firestick, it is very easy to use, if you have used these applications, its fluency and operation are almost like the smartSTB or STBemu application, but it looks better.
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