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We noticed some issues with adding apps to Vizio Smart TV, so here is a guide covering this.
Please note: If you want to use IPTV on Vizio Smart TV to get all TV channels and more, you can add our own powerful IPTV application and use Vizio SmartCast to stream it from your smartphone.
You can buy the best IPTV for your Vizio Smart TV, but be sure to follow the rest of the guide below to learn how to add IPTV applications, etc. to your Smart TV
How to find out your Vizio Smart TV Version
Added Application First, you need to know whether you have a new version or an old version of Vizio Smart TV.
New version of Vizio Smart TV with SmartCast
Old version of Vizio Smart TV has Internet application Vizio
How to use SmartCast to add applications to Vizio Smart TV
SmartCast is the latest version of the TV, there are many built-in core applications to install Netflix, Hundreds of YouTube, Spotify, etc.
But in this case, you will use SmartCast to create your own application pool, and you will not download any of these major applications directly.
The method you will use because this is the only way to stream from your smartphone to the TV, but remember that the applications you see on the TV actually reside on the smartphone, which only allows many applications to run on the TV . `t is loaded in the app store.
You need to follow the steps below.
Make sure your Vizio smart TV is connected to your Wifi and smartphone.
On your smartphone, go to the Google Play or Apple iOS store and download the Chromecast compatible app
Choose to install
Now The application is installed on your smartphone or tablet and open it
. When your media content is playing on the smartphone, you will now see the Chromecast icon at the top of the screen, so press
. Now the smartphone application will connect to Vizio Smart TV Smartcast
Now the media will be projected on your smart TV once, you can use your smartphone normally, and the media or applications on the smartphone will continue to play in the background without any problem.
How to use VIA or VIA + to add applications to the Vizio Smart TV
This applies to older Vizio Smart TV models that do not have a built-in SmartCast but have Vizio or Apps + Internet applications, or you can call them VIA and VIA +.
To access it, you just need to press V on the TV remote control.
You can also download and install pre-installed applications through VIA or VIA +, such as
You can find more applications to download in the Vizio App Store, some older models download the Google Play application Movies & TV that you downloaded and installed.
Here’s how to add an application using Vizio Internet Apps or Apps +
Simply press the V button on the remote control
You can click any option such as « Featured », « All Apps » to take you to the Vizio App Store
Choose an application. There is currently no
. If your TV has VIA, you need to press OK, then search for the application and press OK to install the application
If your TV has VIA +, you will need to press and hold the OK key in the application to install it Then add it to my app list.
How to remove an application from Vizio Smart TV
It is easy to remove an application from a Smart TV. You just need to go to My apps, hover your mouse over the icon in the submenu that appears, and select the delete option. What exactly is
SmartCast was launched on Vizio Smart TV in 2016. This feature allows you to easily stream videos, music, photos, applications, and other content directly from smartphones, iPads, tablets, and iPhones.
But Vizio not only released SmartCast, it also made it compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa-enabled devices, Apple Airplay2, Apple HomeKit, and games.
Also, if you’ve ever owned or operated it, SmartCast works exactly the same way Google Chromecast works.

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