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How to activate smart iptv for Samsung, LG smart TV and Android TV box?
After installing the smart iptv application, it provides you with a 7-day free trial period, allowing you to try different iptv subscriptions and decide which one to buy. After the 7-day period, unlock the application for permanent use, you must pay 5.49 euros Activate Smart iPTV at the cost of. To avoid activation delays, you don’t have to wait for the trial version to expire if everything is normal.
In order to be able to see our smart IPTV subscribed channels, you must activate the smart IPTV application. After installing from Samsung Apps Store or LG Store, you can also download and activate Smart IPTV for Android TV and Android TV Box and Android smartphones from the following link: Smart IPTV
Here are the steps to activate Smart iPTV by following the steps below :
The steps are very simple, you just need to read this tutorial, which explains everything about activating the Smart IPTV application.
1 Go to the SIPTV site through the following link: and click « Activate » (red circle)
2 After clicking « Activate », you will enter this page (activation page ):
3 Here, You must enter the MAC address of your Samsung Smart TV in the field that suits you best according to the payment method you want.
Here is how to find the MAC address of the smart iptv application:
Choose PayPal or credit card for smart iptv instant activation, and then you will pay 5.49 euros (this is a lifetime cost, you only have to pay once).
At this point, Smart IPTV activation is complete and Smart IPTV application can now run on your Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV or Android TV Box for life without worry.

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