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Yes, fire can be infected with viruses or malware like all other electronic and digital devices. The
Firestick also runs on a custom Android operating system that is prone to virus infection.
But we made this guide to help you check for malicious viruses on amazon firestick and how to delete malicious software or viruses on firestick.
Generally, your firestick will not easily be infected with viruses unless you install third-party applications that do not know what they are or come from unknown websites, not official websites like our Strong IPTV Lab or any other leading firestick websites.
Virus Symptoms to be aware of on Firestick
We will first understand what to look for to understand that there is a virus or malware on your Firestick.
If there is a virus on your Firestick, the 2 most common symptoms you will notice are if your Firestick becomes slower than normal, or even stops and stops and just freezes on the TV screen.
In most cases, you will notice that firing is very slow, so you need to consider which third-party apps you added last and make sure they come from the correct source, such as ours or other large websites.
But always remember that if you do not enable ADB to debug and allow apps from unknown sources, you will not get infected with the virus, because it is almost impossible to get it from the official Amazon AppStore application.
What is a known virus? Some of the
will be in circulation, but the biggest one I think of is the ADB.Miner 2018 malware, which is a cryptocurrency-type virus. On its fiery tip, it will mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
This will take up and maximize the use of all the RAM in the fire bar and slow you down to the point where you want to pull your hair out at fire bar speed. The virus spread in 2018 through third-party side-loading applications from untrusted websites.
This virus is released with the application you downloaded, and then installed on your firestick as an application named test, the package name is « »
This virus may sometimes be less common , But it may be an untrusted third-party Kodi application that can infect fires.
ADB.miner’s work includes mining Bitcoin and infecting other hot rods on the same network.
For those who know the virus CVE entry or are programmers, here is the virus CVE20157292 in the national vulnerability database.
How to remove Firestick virus or malware
Method 1: Use Total Commander
This is a more complicated method, but it will Prevent you from resetting Amazon firestick from the factory and losing apps and data.
You should do the following
Press Start
on the Firestick remote control to search and search for Total Commander
Open Total Commander and select Allow
Now select the installed application at the bottom
If you see a « test » Application, select Uninstall twice to uninstall
. Now turn off the fire stick and reopen
. Please note: this will delete the most common viruses called « test », but they may be newer or other viruses, so if you still suspect Whoever is infected with the virus or has been infected again, use method 2, because it is a 100% method to eliminate virus attacks.
Method 2: Restore Firestick to Factory Settings
In our opinion, this method is the best because it will completely erase the Firestick to its factory state and ensure that viruses are removed.
But with this method, you will lose all the third-party applications that you have downloaded as well as other applications and settings, so this is the only disadvantage of this method.
To factory reset the Firestick to its default state, follow the steps below
Press the home button on the Firesticks remote control
Go to the settings icon
Go to my Fire TV
Go to the last option Reset to Factory Defaults
Choose Reset
Once the Firestick is reset, you will need to log into your Amazon account and get the apps you previously had from the Amazon app store.
We strongly recommend that you do not reopen ADB debugging after completing Method 2, and try not to open allowing applications from unknown sources unless you know what you are doing.
Enabling apps from unknown sources is much more secure than enabling ADB debugging, but make sure all the apps you download are from trusted sources.
We hope this guide can help you understand how to use fire viruses and how to remove them.

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